Month April 2022

Common Types of Forestry Equipment

Common Types of Forestry Equipment Foresters and loggers utilize many different pieces of equipment in order to cut and process trees. In this post we will discuss some of the basic types of equipment most commonly used in forestry and logging applications. Feller Bunchers Feller bunchers are used in both thinnings and clearcuts to grab, cut, and [...]

Common Types of Mining Equipment

Types of Mining There are a variety of machines used in the mining industry to drill, blast, hoist, and haul materials. The machinery used depends on the material being extracted, the environment, and the method of mining. Before discussing the equipment most commonly used in mining operations, let's discuss the different types of mining. There are two [...]

Cab-Over v.s. Conventional Trucks: What’s the Difference?

What's the Difference? There are two varieties of trucks typically seen on the road: cab-over and conventional. Cab-over trucksĀ (also called cab over engine) have a flat front end with the cab sitting above or in front of the truck's front axle. Conventional trucks more resemble a car, with a hooded extension containing the engine in front of the cab, [...]
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