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New 21KPTO Transfluid Industrial Drain-Type Fluid Coupling

New coupling assembly for internal combustion engines

Manufacturer: Transfluid Industrial

Manufacturer Part Number: 21KPTO

Retail Packaging: No  

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        MOD.21KPTO    KP377

        Spec.   2490A

        Oil      IS032 


 The KPTO is a variable fill fluid coupling enclosed into a casing connected to the Diesel engine by means of a SAE housing. The KPTO has been designed to meet the market requirements for a unit combining the technical features of a conventional Power Take Off with the performances of a fluid coupling. The KPTO has an integral feeding pump driven by the Diesel engine. A remote electrically operated ON-OFF solenoid valve allows the fluid coupling circuit to be fed when it is turned ON, while a rapid oil drain through calibrated orifices located on the periphery of the fluid coupling occurs when it is turned OFF. A forced bearing lubrication is always assured continuously. The KPTO range is suitable for powers up to 1000 kW. The engine flywheel is connected to the KPTO input by a highly torsional flexible coupling. The output shaft can be connected to the driven machine by an elastic coupling, a cardan shaft or a pulley. Standard accessories: oil feeding pump, oil filter with pressure and temperature gauges, ON-OFF electric valve, oil temperature and pressure switches, oil level indicators. Optional: water/oil heat exchanger or radiator, quick release valves, output pulley, elastic or super-elastic alignment coupling


 The KPTO drain type fluid coupling allows to disconnect the engine from the load granting the following advantages: - unloaded engine warm up - smooth start up, not belt slip - shock and overload protection - torsional vibration dampening - high radial load capacity - remote control by electric valve - load positioning - inexpensive and easy maintenance due to external mounting of the main accessories like oil filter, feeding pump, control valve - longer life thanks to no friction linings to wear out. APPLICATIONS - mills, crushers, wood chippers, grinders, shredders - belt conveyors - reciprocating and centrifugal pumps, compressors - marine propulsion, boat thrusters - generators - fans and blowers.

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