Featured Brand Friday: Bendix

Over the course of its history, Bendix has pioneered and revolutionized airbrakes and has been dedicated to furthering development of braking technology. Bendix was first established by Vincent Bendix in 1927 where they manufactured Safety Servo vacuum brakes. It is also known to be the first to introduce many braking technologies to North America, such as: air compressors, air dryers, and ABS.  Bendix later took the automotive air brake worldwide by signing licensing agreements with Westinghouse companies in France, Germany, Italy and England. Due to WWII, the advancement of air braking was accelerated and soon became standard on heavy trucks, tractor-trailers, fire trucks, and off-highway vehicles.

To this day, Bendix is furthering the development of technology in the commercial vehicle industry. The company recently released a commitment they are making to increase knowledge about the changing landscape of electric commercial vehicles by changing their product strategies to meet the needs of the upcoming vehicles. Bendix is also dedicated to helping fleet and vehicle operators understand the new technology and maintenance that goes along with it so that an organization can make an informed decision on if or when to make the transition to using an all-electric fleet.

Today, Bendix offers many different products designed to make heavy trucks safer and more reliable. Iron Wing Sales has many Bendix braking system components available for purchase! We have brake parts for trucks, cars, buses, construction equipment, agricultural equipment, golf carts, airplanes and much more in stock.  Our parts inventory includes but is not limited to brake rotors and drums, master cylinders, wheel cylinders, brake pads, brake chambers and brake valves.

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