What Are Ground Engaging Tools (GET)?

Ground engaging tools are attachments for your earth-moving equipment that can increase machine performance by up to 20% and protect more expensive components from wear. These parts are the ones in contact with the ground or other materials, and are able to be replaced as they wear out. These tools assist in moving, cutting, and grading materials and can help mitigate wear and tear on the machine itself. Ground engaging tools are usually detachable, and able to be swapped out as needed.


8 Types of Ground Engaging Tools

There are a few different types of ground engaging tools used to help maximize the effectiveness of machines and extend their lives. Here are some of the general categories that ground engaging tools fall into:

1. Adapters

Bucket teeth adapters are used on loaders, excavators, and scrapers to provide varying levels of tip penetration into the soil. Adapters allow for a range of digging depths and can be used with both weld-on and bolt-on bucket teeth. They are useful in mining, forestry, and construction applications that require powerful groundbreaking abilities.

2. Cutter Bits

Cutter bits are used in paving and demolition for cutting. These tools can be optimized according to the material you’re using, the depth of the cut, and the horsepower of your machine.

3. Cutting Edges

Cutting edges comes in different shapes, widths, and thicknesses, allowing you to customize your edges to your grading and scraping requirements. Cutting edges can be curved with serrated edges in order to increase soil penetration, or they can be flat to help reduce impact and abrasion.

4. Dozer Blades

Dozer blades increase a bulldozer’s ability to penetrate soil and break ground, allowing it to move more material with reduced downtime. Dozer blades can also be used with end bits and cutting edges for increased flexibility.

5. Rippers and Scarifiers

Rippers and scarifiers are used on dozers, scrapers, and graders. They are very efficient at shredding and also offer protection to the body of the machine.

6. Side Bars and Edge Protectors

Side bars and edge protectors are used on wheel loaders to protect against impacts and reduce wear. They help to preserve your machine and guard from damage.

7. Tips

Tips are used on excavator buckets and wheel loaders to increase strength and penetration. They also help to absorb shock and extend the machine’s lifespan.

8. Wear Parts

Wear parts such as roll bars, wear blocks, and wear buttons help protect your machine from wear and tear. They are typically made of two bonded layers in order to provide the most protection.


Benefits of using Ground Engaging Tools (GET)

Each serves a different purpose, but the overall benefits are largely the same:

  1. Increase Power and Performance

    These purpose-made tools are highly effective at what they do and can help provide more power and optimized performance for the task at hand.

  2. Increase Productivity

    Additional power and efficiency lead to less time to complete a project, which can be especially helpful considering that up to  70% of contractors struggle to meet deadlines.

  3. Extend the Life of Your Machine

    Ground engaging tools take the majority of wear, protecting the valuable components inside your machine from impact forces and other wear and tear.

  4. Greater Efficiency of Maintenance and Repair

    Easily replaceable components allow you to lessen downtime and save money. Maintaining and replacing parts is much easier than replacing an entire machine or larger assembly.

  5. Protect Your Machine

    Durable, purpose built parts wear down slowly and help preserve more sensitive parts.

  6. Wider Variety of Options

    Since ground engaging tools are replaceable, choosing and fitting the best tool for your project is easy. Change edges, tips, side cutters, rippers, and more for the best setup for the job at hand.


Ground Engaging Tools at Iron Wing Sales

At Iron Wing Sales, we carry a large inventory of Ground Engaging Tools for all of your earth-moving needs. Genuine OEM and USA-made aftermarket parts in stock now for John Deere, Caterpillar, Dresser, Komatsu, Hitachi, and other major brands. Our parts are ready to ship, which helps to minimize downtime. Browse our inventory by manufacturer or category, or use the search bar to search by description or part #. You can also contact us with any parts inquiries by email at: sales@ironwingsales.com or by phone: (216)912-9089

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