How To Request More Information On Parts

A useful feature of the Iron Wing Sales website is the ability to request more information on any part listed in our inventory. This can be helpful in several situations.  Perhaps there are no images of the part you are looking for, and you would like to see a couple photos to confirm it is what you need. Or maybe you want to know some details, like how many splines are on a shaft, how many teeth on a gear, or what is the capacity that is listed on a tag. We can also provide specific dimensions and weights and measurements when asked. Requesting more info can also be used to determine what manufacturers we have to offer on that part, as our vast inventory contains many cross references. As a reminder, we DO NOT manufacture any of the parts we sell, and as such cannot answer questions about function or compatibility. Please contact the manufacturer for any questions about specific function, operation, or compatibility. 

So now that you know what this tool is for, here is how to request more information on a part you are interested in. Simply navigate to the product page of the part you are interested in, either by using our search function or browsing our categories. Next, click on “Request Info” on the right-hand side directly next to “Add To Cart”.

After you click “Request Information”, you will see the below dialog box appear. Simply fill in accurate contact information (so we can easily respond to your request) and in the “comments” box, detail what you would like to know about this part.


After you request more information, one of our sales technicians will pull the part from our inventory and fulfill your request promptly. This can be a great way to ensure that you are getting the correct part and can save time and money on both sides. Explore Iron Wing’s large inventory today and use the “Request Info” feature to buy with confidence!

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